Stormfront (LIVE): off of the LP, SHOTS


The Scenery (LIVE): off of the LP, SHOTS


Frail and Call To Arms (LIVE): off of the LP, SHOTS


I’m Thinking Don’t Think I’m Not (LIVE): off of the LP, SHOTS


Happy Christmas (War is Over): Beatles Cover


Live at the Double Door: December 5th, 2010


Video: David Cubberly

Dave was a Brother Seamus. He recorded this vid while he visited us at Earth Analog and drank ALL of our whiskey.

“single…twelve…Fender. and it’s awesome. BWAHRRRR.”

Recording at Earth Analog
Video: Dan

The Deep End
Video: Leonardo Adrian Garcia

Our friend Leo stopped by at practice one day to see what we’ve been up to as we are preparing to record. He had a sweet camera, used it and then sent this to us. Thanks, dude.