Photo: John McCloskey

Bands don’t usually last 15 years. And bands sure as hell don’t usually put out their best record after 15 years. But Sequoia’s never paid much mind to the norm, and they still don’t with their 2016 release “SHOTS”, their first foray into vinyl and finest output to date.

Dig in and you’ll find them busting out squalling anthems and running them headlong into apocalyptic instrumentals. The lyrics reflect a growing uncertainty with the world around them and inside their own bodies. Terrifying health scares and true heartbreaks have fueled gray hairs and whiskey nights that drip from the monolithic riffs and Wade Work’s weathered vocals.

This is crank-it stuff, sure, but it’s headphone stuff too. It’s backyards in the summer and fireplace huddling in the winter. It’s love and death, smile and cry, lump in your throat and fists in the air rock music.

Sequoia is:
Wade Work – Guitar/Vox
Tim Jepsen – Bass
Dan Wagner – Drums/Vocals
Cully Johnston – Guitar/Vocals
Jesse Case – Keys/Syths/Vocals